Our Farm

Agriculture has been the backbone and will be the livelyhood for the people of chickmagaluru, as generations pass farming gets tougher and better. Cities are growing rapidly and the need for healthy food is insufficient. By looking into the problem we thought why not? Adapt a change to serve you with home grown fruits and veggies that largely benifit us.

Shanthala Estate

Our family has been part of the coffee world for more than a century and a half, growing some of the finest arabica coffee and pepper. You get to experience the rich heritage of our plantation in site.

Dairy Farm

At yelagudige, we farm cows for milk on an organic diet. The same milk from our farm will be given to your table for the best coffee and tea.

Poultry (Local Chicken)

We have a small number of chichen raised only for our guests, these chicken are rich in proteins since they are local. If you would like to taste one, a prior message shall do justice to your food.