Be it a cold winter, a rainy monsoon or a hot summer, people behold the memories around a fireplace. Our homestay offers a private bonfire at the sun down when the sky seems to startle. It is the best time to unwind oneself to cherish every bit of life.

Plantation Visit

for us HEART is where COFFEE is. So we have an event where you can get an overall view on how a coffee plantation works, by visiting our nearest coffee farm . A detailed explanation of on bean to cup of your morning cup of coffee will be explained in the most traditional way. You can also grab some fresh coffee, pepper and many more spices direct from the plantation.


Don't you love trekking??!! Climbing those beautifully crafted hills, through thich mists and morning dews to find nature that puts up an unimaginable picture. We take you to a nearby hill which is few kilometers away from our home. It's a very scenic hill , and we have witnessed the best sunsets up here than any other place in Karnataka, as you can see the entire western Ghats In a single frame.

Work Experience

If you are interested to get in the shoes of a coffee planter, this is the right place for you! . You get hands on experience to work in our coffee and pepper plantation, learn how coffee and pepper are grown under the shade of trees which is a unique way of growing. One can know the real hardships and the pros of being a coffee planter. The works in the estate keep changing every month, depending on the timing of the year.

Off Road (Jeep Drive)

If you think that we have missed out some activities for adventure seeker, you are surley wrong ! To give you a strong adrenaline rush, we have plans for you off the road to a beautiful sunrise point, which could be no better. Rocky roads, mudd filled tyres and slush all over is that you need.

Fun And Recreation

Our homestay offers a wide range of indoor games like carrom, chess, ludo, and many board games. One can remove stress by opting for outdoor games like football, cricket, volleyball, throwball, basket ball and many more.

Fishing (Coming Soon)

Our homestay has many water bodies including lakes , pond and well. Fishes thrive on natures existence without our help so it is out duty to give you the best fishing experience. See you soon!